Glen Burnie (Anne Arundel County)
This small practice is perfect to merge into a practices close by or as a second location for an existing owner. The practice has been in the area for 20 years. The seller is ready to retire and leave post sale or stay on for a short period if the patients are merged into the buyer’s office. The practice has an excellent hygiene program that is very steady. The seller refers out most specialty services so the buyer who does these can easily grow the revenue. This is also an excellent way for a first time buyer to get started with their own practice. The seller dos little or no advertising and marketing so there is a big upside for new patient growth.
General Dentist
Supplied upon request.
Annapolis (Anne Arundel County)
This is great opportunity for a dentist in a dead end job, someone who has a following in Annapolis and wants their own practice, a buyer who want a second location or a buyer who wants to merge patients into their larger space. This practice has a big upside as the seller refers many specialty procedures and does little or no advertising or marketing. The office is located in an excellent area and the seller is ready to leave post sale. The equipment is all 8 years old or less and there are digital X-Rays. The office is located in 1500 square feet and has 4 fully equipped treatment room, a 5th plumbed but not equipped and a 6th room unplumbed that could used for future growth. This practice has a big upside for the right buyer as it has an excellent recall and hygiene program. The space and area can support a practice in this location that can collect over $1,000,000 in revenue within 36 to 48 months. The will be a bargain for someone who wants a second location or a start up in Annapolis as the sale price is very competitive.
General Dentist
Delaware County ( 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia)
Wow this is a fantastic opportunity for a buyer who wants to have their own practice and earn a high profit. The practice has a great growth potential as the seller refers out most of the specialty procedures and does no advertising or social media marketing. The practice and the building are both for sale. What this means is the after you pay off the building loan in 15 to 20 years in today’s dollars you will pay rent to yourself for over $70,000 a year. The practice has been in this area for over 20 years and has 2500 square feet with 4 fully equipped treatment room plus one room plumbed but not equipped. Two of the treatment rooms are only 3 years old. The buyer will not have to do any updating as the office is in excellent condition. The X-Rays are digital and there is no panoramic x-ray. The seller will stay for a short transition but will leave after that. The practice does not participate in HMO”s or Medicaid. The buyer of this practice will have adjusted earnings of nearly $300,000 before paying the debt on the practice. When the buyer does advertising and marketing and provides specialty procedures that are now referred out the revenue can grow to !,000,000 plus within 36 to 48 months and the earnings can be $500,000 plus before paying the practice loan.
General Dentist
This practice is one of the best solo practice’s in Northern Virginia. The office has been in the area for over 20 years and is located in a wonderful office park with excellent parking directly in front of the office. No elevators or paid parking and easy handicapped access. The office is located in 2700 square feet and has 4 fully equipped spacious treatment rooms. The seller provides an number of specialized services that the buyer would want to be trained in or have and associate who does them. The seller will stay on post sale for 3 to 6 months part time to provide these services. The staff is excellent and motivated. The seller will be moving out of the state after the post sale transition is over. This is an excellent opportunity for and experienced dentist.
General Dentist
District of Columbia
SEEKING PRACTICES TO BUY AND MERGE IN TO THIS PRACTICE IN DC. This is one of the finest practices in the DC area. The practice has been in this location for over 6 years and is located in an upscale professional building in N.W. D.C. The buyer wants to purchase existing practices in D.C> and will keep the seller on post sale if they want to stay . If you are thinking of retiring now or within 5 years and don’t want to sign a new lease where you are this is a great way to transition your practice. You will get a fair sale price for your practice, plus y0our receivables and then earn income as an associate post sale. You can potentially make more income then you did as and owner without all of the headaches of ownership. No staff or insurance issues as the new owner takes care of that.
Seeking, General Dentists, Periodontists and Prosthodontists.