Dental Practices for Sale - PA

Below is a list of available dental practices for sale in Pennsylvania. Contact us for more information. 

General Dentist

The seller wants to either sell the practice outright and leave or identify a candidate who wants to be and associate first and buy the practice in a predetermined future date or a buy in and buy out. The new dentist will be an associate for 1 to 2 years and than start the buy in and have a target date for the buy out. Most of the time good people promise that they will sell the practice to their associate but in usually doesn’t happen. This seller will agree to the terms of the associate leading to buy in and buy out before the new associate comes in to the practice. The office is located in a professional building right off of the highway and has excellent free parking. The office has 6 fully equipped treatment rooms located in 2500 square feet and is very up to date. . The practice refers out the Ortho, Perio, Oral surgery & does not place implants. So the if the new dentist can perform any of these procedures that will be excellent.


Gross: $1,000,000 plus

ID: PA99


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Delaware County ( 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia)
General Dentist

Wow this is a fantastic opportunity for a buyer who wants to have their own practice and earn a high profit. The practice has a great growth potential as the seller refers out most of the specialty procedures and does no advertising or social media marketing. The practice and the building are both for sale. What this means is the after you pay off the building loan in 15 to 20 years in today’s dollars you will pay rent to yourself for over $70,000 a year. The practice has been in this area for over 20 years and has 2500 square feet with 4 fully equipped treatment room plus one room plumbed but not equipped. Two of the treatment rooms are only 3 years old. The buyer will not have to do any updating as the office is in excellent condition. The X-Rays are digital and there is no panoramic x-ray. The seller will stay for a short transition but will leave after that. The practice does not participate in HMO”s or Medicaid. The buyer of this practice will have adjusted earnings of nearly $300,000 before paying the debt on the practice. When the buyer does advertising and marketing and provides specialty procedures that are now referred out the revenue can grow to !,000,000 plus within 36 to 48 months and the earnings can be $500,000 plus before paying the practice loan.


Gross: $640,000

ID: PA153


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Near Pittsburgh

This is a great opportunity for a periodontist who wants to have their own solo practice. This practice has a big upside and the buyer can still work as an associate 1 to 3 days a week as they build the practice to 5 days. The solo owner wants to retire after the sale and transition. The office has 3 treatment rooms with 2 fully equipped and one plumbed but not equipped. The rented space is over 1100 square feet the rent is very fair at $1.909/month. The seller used Eaglesoft software and has a laser.


Gross: $300,000

Status: Active

ID: P-155


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