Whether you are looking to buy or sell your dental practice, we can help you plan & manage your practice transition. Browse our resources below. 


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Buyer Resources

It is our goal to help potential buyers learn more about the process. Browse our articles below to learn more. 


Start a Practice From Scratch or Purchase a Practice - Future dental business owners can choose to start a practice from scratch or purchase an existing practice. Learn more about the benefits of each here. 


Buyer Beware! - Take the time to plan the purchase of your practice so the choices you make will be good ones! Read more here.


Appraising a Dental Practice Before Buying - Buying a dental practice is most likely one of the most critical financial decisions a dentist will make. Appraising a dental practice before purchase is a crucial step. Learn more here. 


Developing a Plan for the New Business Owner - Having a plan for new business ownership is the best way to ensure your success. Here are some tips! 


Associateships Leading to Equity or Ownership - For new dentists with school debt and personal finanical responsibilities, an associateship is an important aspect of their path to ownership. Learn more about preventing dead-end associateships here. 


Implement a Successful Practice Transition - Throughout our years working with transitioning dental practices, we have found practice mergers to be highly succesful transitioning method. Read more here.


Seller Resources

It is our goal to help each of our clients prepare for their transition & sale. Please browse the resources below! 


Deciding to Sell


It's OK To Sell Your Practice - Many clients, after a successful sale, will look back and realize that they practiced years longer that needed. It's OK to sell! Read more here.


Follow Your Dreams - Today, now more than ever before, Dentists are retiring early to pursue their dreams. Click here to read 5 stories from dentists who have followed their dreams. 


Boomers - Are You Thinking About Retirement? - Our organization has found that more dentists than ever are selling their practices and moving on to an active retirement or a new vocation. Learn more here.




Five Alternative Exit Strategies - If you are planning to exit your practice within one, five, 10 or 20 years, the time to plan is today! Read more here.


Almost a Member of The Family - Even when a practice has a family member or has a long-term associate, there is a need for solid transition planning. Learn more here.


A Golden Oppurtunity - Solo-practice owners have an opportunity to have the peace of mind that comes with having a transition plan in place as early as possible. Want to learn how to take advantage of this golden opportunity? Click here to learn more. 


Understanding Dental Practice Valuations - Looking to buy or sell a practice? Get a thorough understanding of your financial situation, and make sure you are making the right decision for your future. Check out our thorough resource on how to navigate dental practice valuations.




Partnerships & Fractional Sales - The use of fractional practice sales / partnerships as a transition strategy for dentists who want to continue to practice in a partnership is growing in popularity. Learn more here. 


Sell Your Practice & Relocate - We are serving and increasing number of clients who want to sell their practices and move to a different state, where they will buy or start a practice in a new area. Does this sound like your dream? Click here to learn more. 


Four Ways to Sell Your Practice - Today, more options are avilable to provide sellers with a variety of transition stategies. Read more here.


Sell Your Practice Now and Stay On After The Sale - What if you could sell your practice and office space at the fair market value and stay on after the sale, continuing to enjoy dentistry and earning a fair compensation for two to 10 years or more? Click here to learn how. 


Associates - Your Heir-Apparent 


Choose Your Heir Apparent Now! - Times are changing! We reccomend that all dental-practice owners create and implement a transition strategy and financial plan immediately. Learn more about planning here. 


Can You Find Me An Associate? - Choosing an associate is more than choosing an associate - you are choosing an heir-apparent who will buy in or buy out the practice in the future. Choose wisely! Read more here.


Talk To Your Associate About Transition - Today, it is more important than ever to discuss and have a written plan for transition with your associate. Learn more here.





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