Dental Practice Seller Resources

It is our goal to help each of our clients prepare for their transition & sale. Please browse the resources below! 


Deciding to Sell


It's OK To Sell Your Practice - Many clients, after a successful sale, will look back and realize that they practiced years longer that needed. It's OK to sell! Read more here.


Follow Your Dreams - Today, now more than ever before, Dentists are retiring early to pursue their dreams. Click here to read 5 stories from dentists who have followed their dreams. 


Boomers - Are You Thinking About Retirement? - Our organization has found that more dentists than ever are selling their practices and moving on to an active retirement or a new vocation. Learn more here.




Five Alternative Exit Strategies - If you are planning to exit your practice within one, five, 10 or 20 years, the time to plan is today! Read more here.


Almost a Member of The Family - Even when a practice has a family member or has a long-term associate, there is a need for solid transition planning. Learn more here.


A Golden Oppurtunity - Solo-practice owners have an opportunity to have the peace of mind that comes with having a transition plan in place as early as possible. Want to learn how to take advantage of this golden opportunity? Click here to learn more. 




Partnerships & Fractional Sales - The use of fractional practice sales / partnerships as a transition strategy for dentists who want to continue to practice in a partnership is growing in popularity. Learn more here. 


Sell Your Practice & Relocate - We are serving and increasing number of clients who want to sell their practices and move to a different state, where they will buy or start a practice in a new area. Does this sound like your dream? Click here to learn more. 


Four Ways to Sell Your Practice - Today, more options are avilable to provide sellers with a variety of transition stategies. Read more here.


Sell Your Practice Now and Stay On After The Sale - What if you could sell your practice and office space at the fair market value and stay on after the sale, continuing to enjoy dentistry and earning a fair compensation for two to 10 years or more? Click here to learn how. 


Associates - Your Heir-Apparent 


Choose Your Heir Apparent Now! - Times are changing! We reccomend that all dental-practice owners create and implement a transition strategy and financial plan immediately. Learn more about planning here. 


Can You Find Me An Associate? - Choosing an associate is more than choosing an associate - you are choosing an heir-apparent who will buy in or buy out the practice in the future. Choose wisely! Read more here.


Talk To Your Associate About Transition - Today, it is more important than ever to discuss and have a written plan for transition with your associate. Learn more here.