Buying - Resources

It is our goal to help potential buyers learn more about the process. Browse our articles below to learn more. 


Start a Practice From Scratch or Purchase a Practice - Future dental business owners can choose to start a practice from scratch or purchase an existing practice. Learn more about the benefits of each here. 


Buyer Beware! - Take the time to plan the purchase of your practice so the choices you make will be good ones! Read more here.


Appraising a Dental Practice Before Buying - Buying a dental practice is most likely one of the most critical financial decisions a dentist will make. Appraising a dental practice before purchase is a crucial step. Learn more here. 


Developing a Plan for the New Business Owner - Having a plan for new business ownership is the best way to ensure your success. Here are some tips! 


Associateships Leading to Equity or Ownership - For new dentists with school debt and personal finanical responsibilities, an associateship is an important aspect of their path to ownership. Learn more about preventing dead-end associateships here.